Pioneering Sustainable Transportation

In the ever-evolving realm of transportation, Panhwar Auto stands as a trailblazing force, transforming the conventional landscape of cargo vans. Our expertise lies in the specialized design and production of all-electric, long-range cargo vans, showcasing an impressive payload capacity of up to 4,500 lbs. and an expansive cargo space of up to 345 square feet. What sets Panhwar Auto apart goes beyond our state-of-the-art vehicles; it extends to our distinctive business model.

Unlike traditional sales approaches, we redefine success by directly deploying our fleet into active service. This unique strategy prioritizes sustained profitability over one-time transactions, underscoring our commitment to long-term impact and continuous innovation in the ever-evolving world of sustainable transportation

With a market size of $104.9 billion and a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8%, the cargo delivery van market is a lucrative arena for Panhwar Auto. Anticipating a market size of $217.9 billion by 2032, the company is strategically positioning itself to meet the escalating demand for efficient and sustainable cargo transportation solutions.

We are just a few months away from converting a gasoline car into an electric car and traveling from Salt Lake City to San Francisco.

Our Vision

Our vision revolves around a future where transportation seamlessly integrates with sustainability, creating a harmonious balance between performance, reliability, and eco-conscious practices. At Panhwar Auto, we strive to set new standards in the automotive landscape.

Our Mission

Panhwar Auto’s goal is to offer innovative technology that makes electric vehicles accessible and feasible for businesses and consumers, ensuring affordability and practicality.

Our Values

Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Equality and Respect

Ultra-Cost-Efficient Transportation

At the core of Panhwar Auto's mission is the commitment to ultra-cost-efficient transportation of goods, paired with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. The all-electric vans boast an impressive range of 400 to 500 miles, dependent on payload and size. Noteworthy is the substantially lower manufacturing cost of Panhwar Cargo Vans compared to other electric counterparts. This cost-effectiveness is attributed to optimized battery sizing, in-house development of efficient high-torque proprietary electric motors, and a highly efficient onboard power generation system, all contributing to expedited manufacturing processes.

Panhwar Auto's innovative operational model revolves around serving as both a manufacturer and a third-party contractor concurrently. This strategic dual role enables the company to maximize profits while maintaining a competitive edge within its operations. Unlike conventional practices where vehicles are sold to external entities, Panhwar Auto deliberately retains ownership and operational control over its fleet of all-electric cargo vans.

Panhwar Cargo Vans bring forth a transformative advantage by significantly slashing operational costs by 60% compared to traditional fossil fuel counterparts. This substantial cost reduction is achieved through the efficiency of the all-electric system, diminishing reliance on conventional fuel sources, and incorporating proprietary technologies developed in-house by Panhwar Auto.

Panhwar Auto's innovative three-piece manufacturing process exemplifies the company's commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This streamlined approach not only trims manufacturing costs but also accelerates production. The company envisions a 50% reduction in labor requirements compared to other manufacturers, underscoring a dedication to both economic efficiency and workforce optimization.